AI / Machine Learning

Datrics is an AI for everyone platform - an easy way to train and deploy ML models in hours, not months. Datrics platform provides intuitive web-interface for drag-n-drop "bricks" functionality for building analytical pipelines without coding: data processing, modeling and few-clicks deployment.
It's lowering the threshold to begin AI or Machine Learning journey, make them not only buzzwords or some researches within organization, but a reality for the business and individuals.

Synthetic data

Synthetic data has the potential to decrease bias from AI decisioning, increase privacy, and speed up deep learning of neural networks.
The synthetic data is created by funneling raw data through a noise-adding algorithm to construct a new data set, one that is artificially generated. The resulting data set captures the statistical features of the original information without being able to identify individual data points. Detecting fraud can be challenging because regulations restrict how information can be shared, even within banks.
Synthetic data can help to unveil useful patterns while masking individual incidents. Companies has been using synthetic data sets to speed up its deep learning neural networks by up to 9 times.