Improving the cryptowallet authorization experience with security level selector


Most of the crypto wallets provide the standard high level security based on the private key or mnemonic phrase. Of course it's important to keep valuable asset safe. But what if it's a single use wallet (e.g. for storing event currency), you want to try it first or just keep it simpler for small amounts.
The idea is in providing users the option to select the level of security they desire. With the slider you see your options and their consequences. Using this pattern can improve the experience for the mentioned use cases and maybe others as well.

Sprint Questions (Can we)

  • Do people want more fun / tired of saving the passwords in the old way (odd, not human-focused)
  • Can we make pass storage more fun with photos?
  • Can we make it look secure enough?
  • Can we make it as an additional option to regular seed phrases?
  • Can we make it seamless on iOS?

Results of user demos

coming soon