Max Semenchuk
Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer
Current Work
    Founding partner at DGOV Foundation – community for collaboration on distributed governance
    Researcher at Crowdfunding 3.0 – blockchain solutions for crowdfunding
    UXUI Designer & Facilitation in TennaGraph – signaling solution for Ethereum
    Founding partner at 4IRE labs – blockchain & mobile solutions
    Founding partner at TEAL ua – organization innovators community in Ukraine
    Member of WEF Global Shapers Kyiv Hub, Digital Leader
I Speak, Write, Consult on #Topics Decentralization, Holacracy, Coaching, DAO, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Management, UXUI. Used to work in several tech incubators, practice pro bono consulting. Read my blog on Medium
Last modified 2yr ago
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