Max Semenchuk

Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer
Current Work
  • Founding partner at DGOV Foundation – community for collaboration on distributed governance
  • Researcher at Crowdfunding 3.0 – blockchain solutions for crowdfunding
  • UXUI Designer & Facilitation in TennaGraph – signaling solution for Ethereum
  • Founding partner at 4IRE labs – blockchain & mobile solutions
  • Founding partner at TEAL ua – organization innovators community in Ukraine
  • Member of WEF Global Shapers Kyiv Hub, Digital Leader
I Speak, Write, Consult on #Topics Decentralization, Holacracy, Coaching, DAO, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Management, UXUI. Used to work in several tech incubators, practice pro bono consulting. Read my blog on Medium