Helen Petrashchuk
    Business development: Engaged prospects/ clients through diverse mediums (forums, direct meetings, business reference and network, Social Media, Email, User groups, communities etc.)
    Project management supervision: Owned and lead end to end process from lead generation, lead qualification, contract negotiation to deal sign-off, closure; prepare technology roadmaps; manage SME/ partner projects
    Relationship and brand management
    Maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers to take on day to day business operations smoothly and create win-win situations.
    Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives. Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events to stay updated about IT industry/ Market trends. Successfully rebuilt business by refocusing sales/marketing strategy on referral and channel relationships.
    Facilitated and participated in weekly account planning/forecasting sessions and hosted training sessions to increase knowledge, motivate, and inspire the team to achieve results.
Participated as a speaker at BDSM Summit, webinars carried out by Comformato.
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